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Discover the finest sights to see with our cruises in Alaska.

Our Alaska Yacht Charter cruises take you on a journey to experience some of nature’s most awe-inspiring sites. We are dedicated to giving you the best Alaska cruise experience at the most reasonable price, affording you a trip to some of the world’s most exciting destinations. You’ll be exploring remote waterways in your own kayak one day, then experiencing up close glaciers and icebergs the next.

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“Barenoff Springs was amazing – the natural hot springs with the gushing falls behind it was AMAZING! Fishing was a lot of fun, caught some really nice halibut. Was really cool pulling up to the crab pots that were stuffed with crab, which were . All the food was really good and the crew was nice and accommodating as they could be! Once again, can’t say enough about Jay, Jim, and Shaye (Shea?). Made an awesome trip/experience sooo much better.”

The Odells

Sharing Our Love Of Adventure and
Experiences for Over 30 Years

We believe that when you do what you love, success is sure to follow. At Northern Dream Alaska Yacht Charters, we truly love sharing the beauty of Alaska with our customers from the comfort of the gorgeous Northern Dream. All of our Captains are U.S. Coast Guard Licensed with countless years of maritime experience between them. Their goal is to provide quality service beyond what is expected and ensure that you enjoy the best vacation of your life.

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