How to Make the Most of Your Time in Northern Dream’s Port Cities

With awe-inspiring scenic beauty, enormous glaciers, and abundant wildlife, Alaska is unlike anywhere else on the planet. No matter which of our Alaskan trips you take, they all arrive and depart at three welcoming ports: Juneau Petersburg in Alaska, and Anacortes in Washington. All three port cities offer a wide array of amenities, dining, and lodging to accommodate your visit, which may prompt our guests to stay an extra day before or after enjoying cruises in Alaska. Below, we explore the bevy of incredible attractions available to you in these cities as you either prepare for your cruise or wind down afterwards.


Juneau is more than just Alaska’s capital city – it’s also a wondrous mix of a mountain city and a coastal town. For that reason, there is no shortage of things to see and do in Juneau before or after Alaskan trips. In fact, visitors don’t even have to leave town! Whether touring the Capitol building, visiting historic homes, or taking pictures with a statue of Juneau’s most famous dog, Patsy Ann, you can enjoy a full day of fun without straying too far.

In the mood for nature’s beauty? One of Juneau’s most popular attractions is the Mendenhall Glacier! You can trek through nearby trails, such as East Glacier Loop or Nugget Falls Trail, to see the glacier from even more viewpoints. Experience the Mendenhall Glacier for yourself and see why this landmark is one of Juneau’s biggest attractions.


Petersburg is a melting pot of Norwegian and Native American influences. Here, visitors can discover a little bit of everything. Art galleries, inviting coffee shops, and fresh seafood line most of the downtown streetways. Once you leave the downtown area, then tidepools, beaches, and other unforgettable points of interest await you.

Petersburg is one of the best destinations in Alaska to do a little whale watching. In Frederick Sound, specifically, it’s easy to catch a glimpse of these magnificent creatures coming to the surface in the north end. Besides whales, we often see seals, sea lions, and even bears along the shores of Frederick Sound, making it a must-visit spot for some Alaskan sightseeing.


No matter how you like to spend your time, no matter what food you like to eat, there is something for everyone in Anacortes. This scenic location on Washington’s Fidalgo Island is chock full of picturesque amenities and opportunities for visitors. There are even hotels to fit any and every budget.

If you love kayaking, then Anacortes is the perfect location to be. Even if you aren’t as fond of kayaking, you are sure to appreciate it more after experiencing Burrows Island in Anacortes. While out on the water, visitors will have a chance to see sea stars, crabs, otters, seals, and possibly even whales!

All three of our port cities boast a wide array of incredible amenities that are sure to make your days before or after your cruise just as memorable as Alaska vacation packages. Contact Northern Dream Alaska Yacht Charters today to learn more about our cruise packages and learn how you can make the most of your time aboard the Northern Dream or in our port cities.