Get to Know the Lighthouses of Southeast Alaska

You want to plan one of the best vacations in Alaska, but you don’t know what to see or do first. There are tons of beautiful destinations you can frequent in this part of the world, but none of them are more beautiful than the lighthouses of Southeast Alaska. 

Make sure that your to-do list includes a trip to some of these sought-after spots. 

Alaskan Trips 

When you are planning a getaway to the beautiful region of Southeast Alaska that you will always remember, you need to keep in mind the sights that you want to experience. If you are interested in the lighthouses of Alaska, here are the top destinations you will want to schedule a tour of.

Point Retreat Lighthouse 

Located near Admiralty Island, the Point Retreat Lighthouse is a structure you must see on your Alaskan trips. Its primary purpose is to help ships navigate the Lynn Canal, but it is located in a picturesque part of the state. 

You can view it easily from the Gustavus Ferry that connects travelers from Juneau to Glacier Bay National Park. 

USCG Light Station Tree Point

Originally built in 1935, this square lighthouse has been automated since 1969. The Light Station at Tree Point was rebuilt primarily of concrete over the original wooden structure. 

Not many details about the original structure are known, but the current standing lighthouse is a beautiful place to visit, with a 66-foot tower height and an 86-foot focal plane. 

You will notice this lighthouse gives off a white flash approximately every six seconds, which is visible for up to nine miles. 

USCG Light Station Mary Island

Much like the lighthouse at Tree Point, The USCG Light Station Mary Island has an impressive history that dates back to the original structure in 1903. 

The existing structure that you can visit today on your Alaskan trip is now made of concrete instead of wood, with a tower height of 61 feet. It also provides a white flash every six seconds, visible for up to six miles. You won’t want to miss out on seeing this landmark! 

USCG Light Station Guard Island

Located near Ketchikan, the Guard Island lighthouse is situated among the Clarence Straits, Tongass Narrows, and the Behm Canal. This concrete structure was built in 1924. It does not have the same tower height as many of the other lighthouses in Southeast Alaska. Instead, it is a short 30-foot structure. 

Don’t let this fool you, though. The flashing white light is visible for up to 17 miles. See one of the most significant lighthouses in the state with a quick visit to Guard Island. 

Booking Your Best Vacation

The history and beauty of the lighthouses operating in Southeast Alaska are well worth a side trip when you visit this gorgeous part of the country. Whether you want to dive deep into the history of these important structures or just want to observe them in action, these four lighthouses need to make it onto your travel itinerary. 

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