Customize Your Expedition in Alaska with These 4 Picturesque Locations

You’ll find no shortage of breathtaking views on any trip to Alaska, regardless of where you go. However, if you’re looking for the most picturesque Alaskan Cruise stops for your upcoming trip to the Last Frontier, check out this list of the four best spots to visit in Alaska. And don’t forget your camera!

1. Any National Park

Maybe suggesting multiple places at once is cheating, but you can’t go wrong with any of the eight amazing national parks in Alaska.  They are some of the best Alaskan Cruise stops! Many of the best Alaskan trips include at least one of them. You’ll find astonishingly beautiful views around every corner, from mountains and valleys to flora and fauna to glaciers and fjords.

If there’s one Alaskan national park that stands out from the rest, it might be Denali National Park and Preserve. And if there’s one can’t-miss scenic stop there, it might be Polychrome Overlook.

2. Kodiak Island

You might not picture any beaches when envisioning Alaskan trips, but there are some beautiful, sandy shores for you to check out, particularly on gorgeous Kodiak Island. The biggest island in Alaska is absolutely loaded with beautiful scenery, including those aforementioned beaches, as well as forests full of tremendous Sitka spruce trees and the historic port city of Kodiak itself.

 If you’re looking for specific destinations on Kodiak Island, check out Fossil Beach and Afognak Island State Park.

3. White Pass and Yukon Route

If you’re in the business of planning Alaskan trips, the chances are you’ve got plenty of hiking in mind at your Alaskan cruise stops. While the best way to take in all this beautiful state has to offer may be on foot, there are certainly advantages to changing things up. Consider taking a cruise or hopping on a train to take in a vast amount of gorgeous Alaskan scenery in a short period of time.

The White Pass & Yukon Route Railway in Skagway offers exactly that. You’ll hop on a vintage rail car and take an incredible ride through the same breathtaking route that the Klondike gold rushers once took.

4. Mendenhall Glacier

If you really want to get up close and personal with the glaciers that make up a significant portion of the state of Alaska, then Mendenhall Glacier is easily your best bet. You can take in this vast relic of the most recent ice age in a number of ways, including on hiking trails, guided tours, and even by kayak.

Alaskan Trips Are What You Make of Them

For the best experience of Alaska, do your research, plan ahead, and above all else, keep your eyes open to the wonder of the Alaskan landscape. These four Alaskan Cruise stops are sure to dazzle you.  Click here to check out our availability for the upcoming season!

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