Whale Watching & Lighthouse Alaska Cruise

10 Days 9 Nights

Come cruise in comfort and style aboard the Northern Dream while cruising some of the world's most beautiful scenery and experiencing SE Alaska's historic lighthouse landmarks.

We pride ourselves as the only boat company in Alaska to offer lighthouse enthusiasts the chance to not only see these beautiful structures, but in most cases, to go ashore and experience them for yourself. Along the way, enjoy the best of what Alaska has to offer while cruising to your next destination.

Whale watching, kayaking, fishing, crabbing and gourmet food prepared by our in house chef are all part of what you can look forward to when you cruise with Northern Dream Yacht Charters!

Why be one of thousands aboard the giant cruise ships hurriedly being shuttled from one tourist town to the next? Treat yourself to a real Alaska adventure the way it was meant to be seen. Experience the rugged beauty of Alaska up close and personal. Let us show you the difference!

Whale and Lighthouse Cruise

Whale and Lighthouse Cruise

Whale and Lighthouse Cruise

Whale and Lighthouse Cruise

Whale and Lighthouse Cruise

Whale and Lighthouse Cruise

Included in this 10 day 9 night vacation


Day 1
You board the Northern Dream in Ketchikan, Alaska for a cruise to Mary’s Island and Tree Point Lighthouse. We return to Ketchikan for the evening.

Day 2
We depart Ketchikan for Guard Island Lighthouse. After we tour Guard Island, we cruise the rest of the day and anchor in a small bay for the evening.

Day 3
We make our way to Cape Decision. There will be lots of whales and wildlife along the way. This lighthouse has a group from Sitka restoring it, and if the conditions allow, we go ashore.

Day 4
We cruise to 5 Fingers Lighthouse and usually go ashore. This lighthouse is normally manned over the summer by the private foundation. The whale foundation usually has staff here as well. If we are lucky, Dr. Fred will be there to give a lecture on the local whales and marine life.

Day 5
We cruise to Dawes Glacier for an up close view. Then we spend the evening in Taku Harbor, where you can kayak or hike the local trials.

Day 6
We cruise to the Cape Lookout Lighthouse. The group that owns this lighthouse has done a wonderful job of preserving the property. The caretaker likes to give tours of the hard work that has been put into restoring the beautiful lighthouse.

Day 7
We cruise to Cape Spencer at the entrance to Iccy Straights. This is the only light house that we actually go offshore to view. We then spend the evening in the small community of Elfin Cove. Elfin Cove has no cars, just boardwalks between the homes and a couple stores.

Day 8
We cruise to Sentinel Island Lighthouse. Sentinel Island is another lighthouse that a local nonprofit is restoring. We go ashore here to view the property.

Day 9
We cruise to Eldred Rock Lighthouse. Eldred Rock Lighthouse is the only original wooden lighthouse left in Alaska. This lighthouse also has a nonprofit from Haines restoring it. We also go ashore here.

Day 10
We cruise to Juneau Alaska for our return.

Master Cabin

Lodging & Service

The Northern Dream offers you a queen-sized bed in each state room along with it's own private, well-appointed bathroom. Each room has it's own TV and DVD collection of over 130 movies to choose from. Our on board professional chef will delight you with various gourmet meals created from fresh local ingredients along the way. Our yacht is spacious, comfortable and has a complete walk-around main deck and forward-seating area along with a large upper deck area for a high unobstructed 365 view. Kayaks are also available for those who want to enjoy the river up close.