Baranoff Hotsprings

Barenoff Hot Springs

Enjoying Baranoff hotsprings

Baranoff hot springs is located on Baranoff island just off of Chatam Straights and directly east of Sitka Alaska. My first visit to Baranoff Hot springs as a Deckhand on my brothers Halibut longline boat was in 1978. It is one of my favorite places to visit in Southeast Alaska. There was a large yacht moored at the dock in warm springs bay, it was called the Wild Goose. We met the owner on our visit, John Wayne, I was very struck at first but as we talked, I realized he was a down to earth guy who was very interested in our fishing gear. We had a automatic longline baiting system on our boat the Stardust. He came aboard and I showed him how it worked. He told us he had been visiting Baranoff hot springs for the last 25 years. He loved cruising Puget Sound in Washington state and the inside passage of British Columbia and Southeast Alaska.

We stop at Baranoff Hot springs on our Discovery cruise. Its about a mile hike up the trail to the hot springs, the trail is an easy hike for the first 90% and moderately difficult for the last 10%.  Its worth the hike to be able to sit in the natural hot springs along side of a rapids of the river  flowing from Baranoff lake to Warm springs bay. After we get back to the main trail its about a 5 minute walk up to Baranoff lake, a beautiful mountain lake. A few of my guests have brought there fly rods to Baranoff lake and have done well fishing for trout. If you are not up for the hike, the hot springs water is piped down to the bathhouse on the dock. there are 3 private rooms with tubs. You can open the curtain  and view the large waterfall across the bay while enjoying your soak in the tub.

We spend the night At warn springs bay dock. Here we usually  cook our Dungeness crab catch from the morning on the dock in our crab cooker. Then we dine on the freshest large Alaskan Dungeness crab you ever will eat. After dinner you can explore warm springs bay in one of our Kayaks or the small tender boat. You can visit the bath house any time in the evening or the next morning before we depart. Captain Jim