What is included with the cost of a cruise?

Everything! Our all-inclusive cruises provide food, drink, excursions off the boat, trips to hot springs and anything else we offer. While some of the bigger cruise lines try to add fee after fee, Northern Dream makes it so much easier by including everything.

Want to hop on a kayak for a little alone time with nature? That’s part of the cruise. Want to enjoy a beer or two with dinner? That’s part of the cruise. Want to get off the boat and soak up some local culture when we come ashore? That’s part of the cruise. All you have to do is get here – we’ll take care of the rest.

Is seasickness an issue on the Northern Dream?

For the most part, our guests with seasickness issues discovered there was little to be concerned about on the Northern Dream. With proper precautions, such as having Bonine or Dramamine handy, the cruise will be enjoyable for almost anybody.

What kind of safety equipment is the Northern Dream outfitted with?

In all the years of operation, we haven’t had an issue yet. However, we are prepared for any emergency at sea by taking proper precautions and following all safety protocols. Our ship is equipped with a life raft stocked with provisions, survival suits, and many other necessities.

Even though we’re planning a trip in August, should I still pack warm clothes?

Temperatures range from the low 60s to the mid 40s during our cruises, so packing a little bit of everything is a good idea. Although you can check weather reports before packing, it doesn’t hurt to be prepared for any kind of weather.

But don’t forget to pack a swimsuit. We’ll be visiting hot springs during the cruise and some of our guests even enjoy taking a polar plunge!

Anything else I should think about bringing along?

Outside of your toothbrush and anything else you need on a daily basis, we have you covered. That being said, if you want to free up some room in your luggage, we have a wide range of boots onboard for your use as well as several pairs of binoculars. Do you have a favorite movie? All of our rooms come with DVD players if you just want to lay down and relax.

What about fishing? Can I bring my fishing gear?

Of course! There will be plenty of opportunities to throw a line in (the captain has a secret spot for halibut fishing) and trying your luck. We also have 20 fishing poles of our own for guests, complete with both heavy and light tackle depending on what you’re looking to catch. Catch something tasty? Our chef will cook it up for you!

The one thing you will need to take care of is acquiring a fishing license. You can buy a license online and print it, or purchase one when you arrive in Alaska. We recommend getting a three-day license because that’s all we’ll have time for. Just check with us beforehand to make sure you know which three days you’ll need it.

Are all of your trips a week long?

For the most part yes. Our trips start on Sunday and end on Saturday. There are some exceptions, however. Repositioning cruises last for two weeks and are held at the start and at the end of the season as we move the boat between Anacortes, Washington, and Juneau, Alaska. We also offer custom cruises, but these must start on a Sunday or end on a Saturday. This allows our guests ample time to return for work on Monday.

Does the ship have Wifi capabilities?

The pictures you’ll be taking on the trip are certainly social media-worthy, but there is no Wifi on the Northern Dream. You may be able to catch a signal when we go ashore, but plan on being “off the grid” so to speak until we get to our final destination.

Can your chef handle special meals? I’m on a strict gluten-free diet.

Absolutely! Our professional chef has experience with special diets, food allergies, and vegetarian or vegan meals. Just let us know before arriving what food accommodations you need and we’ll make sure to have you covered.