Eat and Drink the Alaskan Way

It’s a common question after every vacation: how was the food? The Northern Dream won’t leave you disappointed. We offer something a little different than the major cruise lines when it comes to dining. Instead of endless buffets of predetermined food, we’re able to make specific meals for specific diets and take great care to prepare the food as directed.

Have dietary restrictions? No problem! Let us know beforehand and we’ll design a menu that fits the bill. No matter if you’re on a Keto kick, need gluten-free food, or strictly vegan, our chef will prepare a meal to your specifications. Enjoy a drink, talk with other guests, and get ready for the meal of a lifetime.

Speaking of drinks, we will be well-stocked with your beverage of choice. Just let us know what you’re partial to and we’ll bring it. You are also free to bring your own: imagine sipping on 14-year-old scotch with ice from a 200-year-old glacier!

In addition to the food we bring on board, there are also times when you’ll be able to catch your dinner! Depending on your trip, you’ll be able to drop a line into the water and test your luck. We know just where to go to hook a halibut or two (just don’t tell anyone where it is). We also have a few crab pots we pull up along the way and plenty of butter and garlic to go around.

We can even send you home with a doggy bag! Actually, it’s a cooler filled with halibut. After preparing a portion for your meals, we send the rest to a meat processor to cut it to size, freeze, and package it for you. It will be waiting for you at the airport – simply check it on to the plane like luggage!

In addition to what we bring on board at the start of the trip and whatever we catch along the trip, the Northern Dream also makes stops at small towns along the way. We know where to get the tastiest scones, muffins, and other pastries at each stop. There are also grocery stores, bistros, and other places to restock.

In the mood for a midnight munchie? You’re in luck! Feel free to use the galley to whip something up to eat under the stars (cloud cover permitting). Leftover halibut, a sandwich, or a bowl of ice cream are yours for the taking – just don’t leave the freezer door open.

What we’re trying to say is you’ll never go hungry on one of our trips. We have something for the heartiest eaters and the nibblers, the carnivores and the herbivores, and the adventurous and the picky. No matter what you want, we’ll make it a meal you can’t wait to tell your friends about.

And you can’t beat the scenery.