Explore the Alaskan Coast Up-Close

One of the best things about a Northern Dream Alaska cruise has nothing to do with the boat at all. We are equipped with six kayaks and a 14-foot rigid hull inflatable boat for exploring the coastline and inlets.

Many times we’ll take the inflatable up to the river mouth to watch bears eating salmon. The boat is also used when we go to the glacier. We get close enough to scoop up glacier ice and bring it back home in a cooler.

Want to fish for halibut? We provide fishing poles, boots, and hip-waders for the sportsman on our cruise (although you can certainly bring your own gear, too). Either from the boat, the shore, or in the river, you’ll get a chance to drop a line.

Or you can take a kayak and just be one with nature. Grab a life jacket and a paddle – the rest is up to you. Stay along the coast or paddle up a river. But no matter what you decide, you’ll be that much closer to Alaska.

This is the type of experience you won’t get with the larger ships because they just can’t offer this level of attention. The kayaks, the small-town excursions, and the hot springs visits will give you a true Alaskan experience. Want to know more? Contact Northern Dream today.